Welcome to!
You have have been led to the only website we know of that Praises the Name of YaHuWaH
as the Father's AND the Son's Name. We believe that when scriptures say that He was
given the Name above All Names and that we MUST call upon that great Name
in order that we might be saved that there is only One Great Name. Simple?
Ahhhhh but to most it is an impossible... We have been blessed to see the Light
of YaHuWaH and the blessings that only come from His Great Name through His
Sons great Name! We believe in a Covenant of Love that does not walk in the old wine
pathways of the Levite Priests but in the pathway of New Wine, our ONLY High
Priest and Savior YaHuWaH. We believe in the truth and the gift of freedom
that our Savior provided. We are Immersed in His Saving Name and we are Set
Apart from all man made Religions, Cults, Churches and those anti of
YaHuWaH the Father and Son. We believe in the simple testimony of
YaHuWaH Savior, to Read - Repent - Reveal - Repeat, and to do it in love!

May your journey be a fruitful one!

deniYaH & deaH
High Desert of Southern California, USA